The smarter way to accept donations!

Donation Point Tap (‘DPT’) by Quest Payment Systems empowers charities and Not-for-Profits to significantly improve their fundraising results through the adoption of contactless payment technology.

Donation Point tap™

Making donations easier for a cashless society.

With consumers carrying less cash than ever before, DPT makes it easy for people to donate just by tapping a contactless credit or debit card, smartphone or wearable.

Whether you’re collecting face-to-face at a street appeal, or have partners who will place your DPT in a fixed location such as a café or retail store, Quest has the perfect solution for your cashless fundraising.

Trusted by Australia's leading Charity Organisations

Key benefits for your charity

Donate using Cards or Smart devices

Seamlessly accept donations from credit or debit cards, smartphones and smart watches.


Switching to electronic payments removes the risk of cash theft, improves your cash flow, and provides total transparency of the funds collected.

More Donations

Enable those who don't carry cash an easy way to give. Choose from a fixed single amount, multiple amounts, or allow donors to enter their own amount on the built in touch-screen.

Low Fees

Cut down collection overheads, streamline efficiency and remove the middle men!

Fast access to funds raised

All donations collected through the day are deposited directly into your bank account the next business day.


Spread your charity's brand and message to multiple locations across the country.

User Friendly

Extremely easy to operate for both donors, charities and charity partners.

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How Donation Point Tap works

How to make the most of Donation Point Tap

DPT can be used in a fixed location such as a retail store or local café. Alternatively, go mobile for street appeals, events, or galas. Either way, DPT can adapt to your fundraising needs!

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When purchased with a Countertop Stand, DPT becomes a self-service fundraising device that takes up very little space, ideally located near a point of purchase. Your network of businesses that support your charity can help you collect donations with virtually no disruption to their business.

If your retailer/network is passionate about your cause, you will likely have greater success as their staff will be willing to help promote the prospect of making a donation.

Being small and portable allows DPT to be strategically located in high traffic areas, maximising visibility and donations. Locations like restaurants, shops, cafes, supermarkets, petrol stations, or other charity partners are great locations for your DPT.

With the DPT Floor Stand accessory, you can also collect donations beside a counter to give it more separation and visibility from cluttered areas.

With its built-in Li-Ion battery and both Wi-Fi and cellular network coverage, DPT can be used almost anywhere there is internet coverage.

Even if you use your DPT with a Countertop or Floor Stand, you can remove the DPT from its usual location for once-off or regular fundraising events. When your event is over, simply return the DPT to its fixed location!

With the self-serve nature of the DPT, it lends itself to being able to take donations at any time. Therefore, placing it in locations like restaurants, petrol stations, or supermarkets allow you to be collecting donations outside of your normal collection hours. It’s always recommended to seek out locations with long trading hours and high foot traffic.

Track your donations in real-time through the easy-to-use online portal where you can monitor the effectiveness of your DPT. If donations are low, simply move the DPT to a more suitable location.

As well as promoting the opportunity to donate, take the opportunity to raise awareness of your cause, campaign message or website with a promotional banner integrated into the Countertop and Floor Stand acessories. For effective results, your message should be clear and concise to show your prospective donors how their donation will be used.

DPT can be configured to display either a single or four preset donation amounts of your choosing. In addition, you can enable donors to select a custom amount up to $99.00. The easy-to-use online portal allows pre-set donation amounts to be managed, as well as for viewing reports.  Reports help you determine the best location, best preset amounts, and to make sure you are making the most of your fundraising.

If you are placing a DPT with a retailer with a low average transaction value, then you should keep at least one donation amount low, as it should be relative to the transaction value. Alternatively, if the retail outlet has high value products, then perhaps consider raising the donation amounts accordingly.  The system is very flexible, so experiment to see what works.

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Donation Point Tap is only available in Australia with Quest’s own Merchant Facility.  

If you don’t have a Quest Merchant Facility, you’ll need to apply online after purchasing your terminal.  

If you have a Quest Merchant Facility, or are just buying accessories, you won’t need to apply again.

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