Donation Point Tap Terminal

Floor Stand

Designing a Banner

The A4 sized campaign banner can be a powerful and engaging way to bring attention to your campaign.  A template is available for download to assist you with placement of information and also includes cut lines.  Available in both Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft PowerPoint, anyone can get creative and design a compelling banner.

Setup Guide - Standard DPT Floor Stand

Download the Setup Guide or watch the video below for details of how install your Donation Point Tap terminal with the Floor Stand.
‍These instructions are for a standard DPT (QT850c Mobile model).

Setup Guide - Retrofit CT200 to QT850c Floor Stand

These instructions are to RETROFIT an existing CT200 Floor Stand to use the new QT850c Mobile model.

Connecting to Power

The Floor Stand kit is supplied with a 5V USB power adaptor and 3m USB-C cable.

During setup, feed the USB cable down through the floor stand (USB-A facing down), connecting USB-A to the power adaptor and USB-C to the Terminal. Connect the USB adaptor to power.

Securing the Terminal to the Floor Stand

The Donation Point Floor Stand includes features allowing for permanent or temporary attachment of the terminal. Features include use of a locking screw and a tethering strap, to be used individually or in combination.
Watch the video below which skips ahead to the Securing the Terminal section.
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