Donation Point Tap Terminal

Mobile Case & Hand Strap

This is a brief overview of how to best use your Donation Point Tap terminal with the Mobile Protective Case and Hand Strap accessory.

Assembling the Mobile Protective Case & Hand Strap

The Mobile Protective Case & Hand Strap accessory comes to you comes to you as an easy to assemble kit.
Watch the video below for details of how to assemble it to your Donation Point Tap terminal.

Using the Mobile Protective Case with Hand Strap

Use the Mobile Case, Hand Strap and Wrist Lanyard when taking your DPT mobile.  With high performance velcro, the Hand Strap is adjustable to suit a range of hand sizes and comfortable to hold with your palm around the device or the strap itself.  The Wrist Lanyard should also be used to further reduce the risk of drops.

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