Donation Point Tap Terminal

Security Obligations

Prevent Theft & Tampering

All payment terminals must be placed in the care of trusted individuals.  Once the terminal is in the hands of a trusted person, they are responsible for ensuring:

  1. The terminal is kept in a safe location at all times
  2. When stored, the terminal is re-charged and locked in a safe place
  3. Ensure that no unauthorised tampering of the terminal occurs
  4. Ensures no disassembly of the terminal occurs

The trusted person must inspect the terminal before trading each day to ensure the device has not been tampered with.  Remove any accessories attached to the terminal to allow for a thorough inspection. There should be no modifications, openings or foreign labels affixed to the terminal.

Device Maintenance & Repair

If someone arrives on site to inspect or maintain a Quest payment terminal, the following procedure should be followed:
  • The date, time, reason for visit, serial number(s) of devices accessed, and the name and signature of the visitor should be recorded in a journal that is stored in a restricted access area.
  • The credentials of the person should be visually inspected and their presence on site should be verified with a person within the organisation responsible for such site visits.
Devices requiring repair are to be returned to the Quest Repair Centre.  During the repair process Quest will ensure that all acquirer keys are removed from the device.

Procedure if device is Stolen

A customer should log on to their Cloud EFTPOS account, locate the device and choose the ‘block’ terminal option if they become aware that the terminal is stolen or missing.  If terminal is located, contact Quest Support by email to to to unlock it.

End of Life Obligation

At end of life, your Quest payment terminal must be returned to Quest Payment Systems for secure disposal.  Payment terminals contain sensitive acquirer details.  Contact Quest Support to arrange for your terminal to be returned and disposed of securely and environmentally.

Send hardware returns to:

Quest Payment Systems Pty Ltd
Service Centre
227 Burwood Road
Hawthorn VIC 3122

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